Module 3-Introduction

This next module is meant to be done in about four weeks and designed to build on the work of the previous module. We will continue to explore some of the basic themes that were raised in the first two modules and expand our scope, looking for connections and greater understanding.

The basic structure of the module follows the others with new practices to consider. Please feel free to modify these to make them work for you. See these as tools that you can learn to use and keep in your toolkit as you go through life.

My suggestion is to practice everyday. That is do your movement, breath, meditation, and writing practices at least once per day. If pressed for time, instead of not doing the practices because you can’t do all of them, do one or two. Don’t fall for an all or nothing mindset. Take time to nourish yourself.

Make strong commitments to use the time that we have left to strengthen your skills and most significantly, your resolve and purpose as a human being at this time on this beautiful planet.