Module 2 Reflection Letter

As you come to the end of this module, take time to look back. This helps us figure out what we are learning. It’s a simple but often difficult challenge we often avoid.


Write a letter addressed to me. Write as much as you need to. Keep in mind what I have said about paragraph unity and using examples to support your main points. (Show me what you have learned.)

Develop your letter answering the following questions in the most effective way you can. Remember that I am your audience.

  • What have you learned about yourself and the world around you as you have worked with the material in this module?
  • Point to one of the texts in the module that particularly engaged you. What did it help you see either in a brand new way or from a slightly different perspective?
  • Have you practiced the movement, breath, meditation, and writing practices as I set out for you in Module 2? If yes, what did you discover practicing? If you did not, what got in the way? What would you have liked to have learned from the experience if you had practiced? (Clearly these questions need multiple paragraphs.)
  • What do you think you are going to write about for your final semester essay?
  • What do you need from our time together to make this a satisfying writing experience?

Take time to revise and edit. Double space. Submit your work to your Google Classroom page as either a Google Doc, Word file, or PDF file. (Please don’t upload Pages files nor provide a link.)

Power Move: Share the letter with one of your classmates prior to turning it in.

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