Module 1


This module provides the theoretical basis for the work we will be doing together. I’m often asked why I introduce movement, breath, and meditation in my writing classes. Most see this as a strange approach, maybe a little weird.

This module offers a basic summary of polyvagal theory and the work of Stephen Porges. His research on heart rate variability led him to an understanding of tripartite nervous system dominated by the vagus nerve. This may all sound strange, but walk with me and test by observing yourself throughout the semester.

By the end of this module, you should have a basic understanding of polyvagal theory and how learning to make explicit what is happening implicitly within you is useful as writers, learners, and human beings.

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I look forward to seeing your approach on using movement, breath, and meditation in a writing class. I am also eager to understand the polyvagal theory and how I can use it in future writing assignments.

Im interested in the meditation/yoga of the course they are kind of the same thing but i have tried yoga/meditation in the past and it really helps me.

I am quite thrilled to immerse myself into the polyvagal theory and Stephen’s research on heart rate. I honestly love the incorporation of meditation as well.

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