Read the syllabus carefully. Make sure to write down any questions you may have so that you can ask me during our class meeting time. You should have a lot of questions. The syllabus is only an outline.

Having said that, please know that one of the things that needs to develop over time during this semester is trust. On your end, you should be wondering if I have your best interest at heart, if I treat you and everyone fairly, and if I’m doing my best to provide a good learning environment. There are lots of if’s in that sentence. I’m sure you have others you can add.

On my end, I want to sense that you are engaged with the work I am presenting, that you are interested in learning and not merely getting a grade, and that you will see me as a person who like you also has needs in reference to time and other responsibilities. This means that I want to sense that the time I put into the course and working with you is not in vain and seen as something that is precious. None of us will recover the time we spend with one another in this class.

Once you have finished reading the syllabus, complete the “As If Letter” assignment. Turn your work in Google Classroom.