1102 First Assignment

As we start the semester, I want you to look around and see who is with you. This is the aim of our first meeting. Once you do and begin to settle in, I would like for you to form a group chat where you can carry out your conversation outside of class.

Groups should be between 3-5 people. Make it a point to get to know one another during the next couple of days. Find out common interests and what you are looking forward to do with your precious human lives.

Then get together and write a one or two page description of your group. Instead of writing it individually, have the entire group collaborate. Make sure the entire group participates. Break down the writing process in this way:

Two people take on the responsibility of writing.
Two – three people take on the responsibility of editing and revising.
One person will upload the assignment at our next meeting time.

Put everyone’s name with their role on the document that will be turned in. Make sure that your description has a title, multiple paragraphs and is coherent and engaging. Do edit, and double space your work.

The document will need to be a Word or PDF file.