1102 Outline

Module 2


2.1 The Personal and the Academic
2.2 Exploring Library Resources

Sample Journal Article. (Use your MDC account to view.)

  1. Have each member of the group find two articles that relate to the themes you identified from the narratives from An Orbit around the Sun.
  2. each person summarizes two articles. Place your name at the end of each summary you contribute.
  3. Create one document for the group to include the summaries and mla citation for each article.
  4. Come to class ready to share. I will collect in class.

2.3 Annotated bibliography

Module 3

3.1 Assessing source credibility
3.2 Exploring Library Resources

  • Find an EBook related to your topic or any of the themes and read at least one chapter. Summarize the chapter and provide an MLA citation for the ebook and chapter.
  • learn how to format your citation here. (Scroll toward the bottom of the page.)