Module 3-Introduction

In this module we begin work on our end of semester essay. Think of this first writing assignment in this module as a way for you to bridge Earth below and sky above as I mention in An Orbit Around the Sun in the section called “Upward Hand Salute.”

Stretch. Draw up. Pull down. Consider doing a little bit of yoga before writing. Sense your body. Notice the soles of your feet. Can you draw your awareness seamlessly to your fingertips and back?

Take a mountain pose. Lift your arms up. Follow your breath as a inhale up. Imagine the arches of your feet drawing the air up to your fingers. Exhale drawing the air down and bringing your arms down.


Answer the following three questions in your your notebook:

–What do I care about?
–What do I know from experience?
–What can be of service to others?

Write at least three pages of brainstorming/free-writing in your notebook.

Remember that what you are writing is personal, but it should not violate your sense of privacy or be so difficult for you to write about that it triggers you. This is preliminary writing that will eventually turn into an essay.