Introduction | Module 2

The next set of assignments are meant to be done in about four to five weeks. Figure out what works best for you. My suggestion is to do the practices in the module everyday. That is do your breath, movement, and writing practices at least once per day. Will I grade you for these? By now you know the answer to that question. You are invited but not compelled.

When we come to class together, I will assume that you have practiced and done the best you can to do what I have asked. When you write, it will be easy to notice if you did or not. When you reach the end of the semester, you will also know.

Pay attention to my emails and due dates I share with you. If you find yourself rushing or anxious, come back to the sense that what we are doing here is not perfecting ourselves, we are figuring out a little bit at at time who we are and how we can best approach our lives just as they are right now. And, we are writing about it.

Before moving ahead, go ahead and re-read the page that goes over BASIC. Summarize the page in your notebook. Come back to your notes when you do any of the activities in this module. Internalize the information. Make it your own.