Community Yoga

Breathe, Move, Sense, and Be

With the world so off kilter, one of the most important things we can do is to not abandon our hearts. We can easily do this as we feel the waves of confusion, rage, anger, and hopelessness that inevitably result from exposure to the news of the day. These are great times of challenge. As such, it’s an opportunity to deepen our practice and strengthen our resolve to live life well. 

Yoga is not merely about stretching, getting slimmer, or stronger. It is a spiritual practice meant to help us settle down so we can meditate and live in the freedom that is our birthright. If you are looking for a respite from the give and take of the day, from the news swirling around, from the waves of hope and despair so common to this time, these sessions might be right up your alley. Unlike a video class that you just click play, these are live yoga practice sessions. We are real folk, struggling and celebrating, sometimes feeling great and sometimes barely making it to our mats. 


Monday/Thursday 7 PM

These are gentle and yoga sessions meant to help us work with our nervous system as we move, stretch, and breathe. These sessions are never quite the same. We often start the session doing a short check-in which allows me to tailor the class to the particular needs of the community.

*These classes are offered free of charge. They are part of the work I do with Miami Firm Body, a holistic wellness company my wife and I operate.