Earth Knows

A learning space dedicated for students working with Carlos Gonzalez.

Thank you for choosing to work with me this semester. For those of you starting college, I want to extend a warm welcome. I hope that you walk through this important threshold in your life with a sense of curiosity and a strong desire to know yourself and world better. For those of you returning, my invitation is similar but with the added twist that I hope you are able to tap into the excitement and energy that comes from learning without fear. From my own experience as a student, I can say that fear often has been the ground that modern industrial learning is based on. I intend to do my best to shift that in our interaction and shape our learning environment so that it is supportive, creative, and generative.

This semester will be like no other for all of us. We are all dealing with the effects of a pandemic and figuring out how we come through this crisis not just barely but imagining new possibilities. This is important because the challenges facing us all are the more difficult.

It’s important to say that the more difficult challenges we face are not physical. These deal with the consequences of an impoverished cultural imagination, the consequences of systems of control embedded in just about every interaction we have with one another.

What’s amazing is that we have means to address this and discover our innate power and freedom. This class is about using the tools we already have and possibly discovering new ones or re-purposing old ones not merely to get a grade but to free ourselves and invite others in that freedom.

I want everyone to know that I’m here to support your learning, and the best way I know how to do that is to learn along with you. I look forward to being your teacher and you being my teacher as well. Together we will shift our roles back and forth and get to the last assignment of the term with deep appreciation for one another and the work we have put into this opportunity.

May you be safe. May you be healthy. May you be happy May you be at ease.